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Become an Online Reseller of Games & Toys

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  • Generic Top Level Domain
  • Domain Name -
  • First Registered - 2007 (est)
  • Google References - 64,500
  • Three Word Domain Name
  • Domain Name Characters - 14

Revenue Ideas

  • Online Sales of Toys/Games
  • Blog reviewing New Games (Affiliate Income)
  • Advertising (Adwords)

Due Diligence

  • 64,500 Google References
  • 3 Word Domain Name
  • 14 Character Domain
  • 74 times cached in

Domain Name Registration

  • 2007 - First Registered
  • Feb 2014 - Lapsed
  • 7.4 Years - Domain Age
  • 2,562 - No. of Days Registered

Want to take your Gaming Experience and make a PROFIT!!!

This Domain was an online retailer of Games and Toys and was in business selling these products to Australian Customers for over 7 years. They stocked an extensive range of Nintento, PC, Playstation, XBox and Toys.

Although the domain name itself is long (14 Characters), the extensive list of Google references, over 64,500 suggest that this business was very active with link profiling and getting the domain name out there and was well and truly "open for business".

If you were to register this domain name, you could either re-establish it as an online retailer and sell the same products, or you could establish it as an online gaming review website where you could draw revenue from advertising and affiliate links. The gaming market is an extremely competitive market and if you are looking to enter this market it is crucial that you have a domain/s that have high quality and unique content and develop a strong following of loyal customers.

Wayback Historical Data

This screenshot shows how long the website was active for, the more dates cached the more traffic the website received

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