Turf Supplier Website

The original website had a network of Turf/Grass suppliers across Australia and boasted a longest standing relationship with these experienced turf lawn grass growers. The website was a portal for Australian Consumers to find all these growers in one location where they can find the best grower of quality turf lawn grass in their local area.

Online Retailer of Mounting Brackets

This would be a great home business for a new online venture or it would also be a great additional business to an existing Antenna service repairer or Electrical Repair service. Worth a look either way.

Join the Spy Business

This is a premium domain name for anyone who is interested in the SPY Game, the domain name itself would have to be worth hundred’s and is a perfect for anyone who wants to make a killing in the spy game.

Giftware and Homewares Website

Being an e-commerce website the domain would again suit anyone who was interested in selling gift-ware and home-ware products or creating a blog talking about ways to redesign a clients home.